The Stirling School of English is a voluntary organisation that aims to provide low-cost English language tuition to all whose first language is not English, regardless of ability, ethnicity and political or religious beliefs. We try to be as flexible as possible to meet students’ needs while maintaining a high standard of learning.

Our aim is not only to provide English language teaching, but also to create a community where foreign students feel accepted and ‘at home’. Coming to a foreign country, not knowing anybody and not speaking the language well can be daunting. The Stirling School of English is a place where students can meet other students, young children can be left safely in the creche, and friendships are formed. All cultures are valued and accepted.

Over 80 students come to English classes each week and we’ve had students from more than 40 countries spanning 5 continents. While some fit easily into a beginners, intermediate or advanced group, others may have special needs. Some students may have lived in Scotland for a number of years and can speak English but not write it, whilst other students may have learnt a lot of grammar and vocabulary in their home country but are hardly able to understand the Scots or speak the language. We aim to help anyone who wants to learn.

Stirling School of English is a registered Charity in Scotland No SC029640

29 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Hello, good morning, I would like to know about the classes, the days, the timetables, the value, and if you have initial English, I am urgently looking for an English course for my daughter. Thank you for your help and attention.

    • Hi Ana,

      Our next course is the Summer School- please find more information under ”Summer School 2019” on our website . Our next semester starts on 27th August at 10am in the Rock Centre.

      You can also email: stirling.school@yahoo.co.uk

      Hope your daughter can join us!

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