St. Andrew’s Ceilidh

This year’s St. Andrew’s Night Ceilidh to raise funds for the Syrian Children’s Creche was a terrific success with a record attendance.


All the traditional elements were there – the piper, stovies, music & singing, a raffle, ceilidh dancing – and the young ones even did the hokey cokey .


A big thank you to everyone who contributed to the event’s success.

More photos here.


Getting in Tune

At the ceilidh tomorrow evening, there will be delicious stovies, lively ceilidh dancing and good music – bagpipes, violins, the haunting erhu and, of course, singing. In preparation, some of us had a go today at getting our tongues around the dialect words and the stirring melodies of Scots Wha Hae and Auld Lang Syne.