BrisaBrisa (Mexico)

Being in Scotland has been one of the most wonderful experiences of my life because I had the opportunity to study at Stirling School of Inglés, the best, and learn the English language and British culture.  I made friends from many countries, classes were excellent, very dynamic and creative, and I can say that my teachers very prepared and excelent people. Every day was a new opportunity to learn English, and to form a story that stays in my memory.  Thank you for the learned, for being my second family, for the time that gave to me, and for the friendship that they gave me. Was very difficult to say good-bye but is one see you soon, always will take them in my heart and will remember these good moments.  hope to come back some day.

Alfredo (Peru): Thanks to the dedication, patience and experience of the tutors I learned a lot and won confidence to speak. I received not only that, but the best introduction to Scottish culture, way of life and history as well. You can imagine that I am very grateful for all this.


Natalia (Poland): 
At the Stirling School of English I am preparing to pass the IELTS exam which I need to get into university here next year to study Software Engineering. Besides attending school, I work as an au-pair and explore Scotland with the Mountaineering Club from the Stirling University. I’ve been here for 2 months now and very day I fall inlove with Scotland more, more and more…

Monika (Hungary): I’ve made friends for life here. I’m really thankful for my teachers and the school and I’m glad to be part of this community. I can only encourage others to join too. It’s so much fun!


Unang (Indonesia): I definitely found the best English school I ever have. I really enjoy the classes. Moreover, the teachers are very interesting and I have so many friends from different nationalities. Here, at Stirling School of English, I am not only learning the language but also understanding the Scottish culture through events such as The Burn’s Supper (trying haggis) & Ceilidh.

Sadaf (Iran)
: I’m enjoying my English classes because I have lovely teachers and friends. I love them. My English is getting better because I have good teachers and they are always helping me to learn English. I would like to say thank you to all my teachers. I’m very happy here in Stirling.


SarahSarah (June 2013 – March 2015, September 2015 – February 2016): I started as a Volunteer Teacher at the Stirling School of English in 2013 while studying for my MSc TESOL and Applied Linguistics. This opportunity allowed me to put the theory, which I had learned on the MSc, into practice as well as give something back to the community. The main focus of my classes was Academic Speaking; however I also gained experience in teaching Elementary, Pre-intermediate and Advanced learners. I even had a chance to teach Medical English on a one-to-one basis. Thanks to this fantastic experience, I was able to gain employment at a private language school in Edinburgh. Although it is ‘cheerio’ for now, I would be delighted to return to the Stirling School of English in the future.

Pamela-DPamela (September 2014 – April 2015): I first heard about the Stirling School of English online and was intrigued by the possibility of volunteering there.  At first I’d applied for a position with the creche, but after telling Lore the opportunities I’d had in the past teaching English in various capacities, she proposed that I become a tutor.  I was terrified!  But, after meeting the other tutors at the first meeting, getting to know the curriculum, and finally meeting the students, I was thrilled that she had offered me the position and regretted not knowing about the school earlier.

Each Tuesday and Wednesday morning I would come to the Rock Centre and go through various English exercises with the students.  Reading, writing, listening, and speaking are all well covered in the curriculum provided.  Each day I had an opportunity to get to know the students better and develop friendships with them and the staff.

The only reason that I am leaving is because my husband and I are moving to the States to be closer to family.  It has truly been a growing, learning and wonderful experience.


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